Cleaning Latex and Silicone Sex Toys: Having Good, Hygenic Fun in Bed

Sex toys can add a wide range of pleasures to the bedroom. Manufactured in a variety of colours, sizes and types, sex toys can be purchased in diverse materials. While jelly is the cheapest, it also lasts the shortest amount of time before the material breaks down. Glass, plastics and metals are more expensive and thus durable, but they can present with health and safety issues, depending on the type of product used.

The most popular materials sex toys are made of is silicone, the pricier choice, and latex or latex rubber, cheaper but still durable options. Knowing how to keep them clean will not only extend their product life, but most importantly, it will keep the woman free from diseases caused by transmittable forms of bacteria.

Basic Rules for Sex Toys

Sex toys are often made out of materials that are porous and thus can easily transmit disease or infections if not used properly. If possible, don’t share sex toys. Either use them with a monogamous partner or have different sex toys for different partners. Even if monogamous, it is still recommended that all sex toys be used in combination with condoms.

Condoms prevent the transmission of diseases, even on sex toys, such as dildos. Condoms will also extend the life of the sex toy, especially when made out of silicone or rubber latex. Don’t insert the sex toy into any part of the body that is not safe. Don’t do anything with a sex toy that wouldn’t be equally possible with a body part.

Most crucially, never take a dildo, a vibrator, a bead or any other kind of sex toy and insert it first in the anus and then the vagina. The anus has E coli bacteria in it that becomes harmful when transmitted to the vagina or urethra. Always use another condom or a different sex toy when switching from the anus to the vagina.

How To Clean Silicone Sex Toys

Silicone is considered to be the best material for sex toys due to its smooth texture, its capacity to heat up to the woman’s body temperature and its lifelike qualities. It can also be used with many kinds of lubrication and is nearly hypoallergenic. Although more expensive than many other materials, it is easy to clean with a small amount of soap and warm water.

Silicone toys can also be put in the dishwasher or boiled for three to five minutes in order to thoroughly remove all bacteria. These are the safest toys to share. Store in a plastic bag in the bedside table.

How to Clean Latex or Rubber Latex Toys

Latex or Rubber Latex is the most popular choice in sex toys. More affordable than silicone, the material is firmer in texture, versatile in practice and fairly resilient in durability. There is a higher risk of allergies using this material. It is also easy to clean with soap and water or with a sex toy cleaner. Never boil your latex toy. Also don’t boil any toy with battery-powered components.

Use only water-based lubricants with latex toys. Any oil-based product, including massage oil, will break these toys down. Replace every year or so when signs of wear and tear are visible.