Reverse low libido with Spanish Fly and this simple trick

Let us face it. Low libido is a problem for a lot of women. It is quite frustrating. A lot of these women are physically ready to have sex. They want to physically engage in relations. The problem is the mental aspect. You see sex is 90% mental and 10% physical. If you do not take care of the mental and emotional part, sex can either be non-existent or is going to suffer in terms of quality. Neither of these situations is good.

Low libido both for men and women is a very important problem. It has to be addressed. You do not want to put yourself in a situation where women mentally desire you but physically they are somewhere else. I know this sounds crazy and seems kind of improbable. But it actually happens quite a bit.

It is easy to see why. We live in a very busy society. People have all sorts of duties, obligations and responsibilities that they have to attend to. All these things weigh on their mind and take away a little bit of their focus. The more focus it takes, the less focus and willpower they have left over for other areas of their life. It is no surprise that their sex lives start to suffer.

Again, it has nothing to do with physical capabilities. Somebody suffering from a low libido can still get it up. She can still get wet. That is not the issue. The issue is not physical arousal but mental arousal and desire. The physical aspect suffers because if your emotional state and mental state is not there, eventually your body will follow. That is why you can mentally desire somebody. But if your libido is low, physically your body will be somewhere else.

There is a divide between mental, emotional and physical realms. The sooner you realize this divide, the sooner you see your place within this divide, the sooner you would be able to fix your little low libido problem. The good news here is that low libido can be reversed. You can do something about it by simply taking the initiative. You can finally make a breakthrough.

This might seem all simple and straightforward to a lot of people but this is actually quite a leap for a lot of people. You see, when it comes to confidence, most people talk a big game. They are big on letting you hear what they think you want to hear. At the very least, they want to talk to you based on the way they think you expect them to behave. This is all a problem because when you start behaving based on others’ expectations, you end up slipping because it is truly impossible to please others all the time. It’s so difficult that it doesn’t make sense for you to start in the first place.

There is a big difference between capacity and libido. You can be capable of having sex but you would not want to because you have low libido. So what is the technique? Also what is the solution? Well it is a mental solution, believe it or not. You use physical triggers but ultimately it takes place in your mind.

How does this work? Well you use physical triggers that destroy the mind, emotion and body barrier. In other words, you use a physical trigger to create unity in the direction of your mind, emotion and body in terms of sexual attraction.

First of all, you use physical triggers like Spanish Fly, clothing, cologne or what not. All these physical triggers impact your senses. Your senses believe that they are real and they start reading into their meaning. For example, you bought a very fancy Italian Cologne. To most people, that is just a cologne. It is just a liquid that has a certain smell. But your mind can read all sorts of meanings into that cologne.

You can start thinking like you smell like a million bucks or that this scent drives women crazy. You might think that since I paid so much for this cologne, people might think I am successful. You go through these thought processes and they help impact your emotional state. However, it does not end there. Your emotional state in turn can trigger a wide range of actions. Once you change your actions, things improve for you. This is because the world only cares about the actions that you take.

You can also try mental triggers like sexy memories. You can try role-playing. You can create sexual rituals. Whatever the case may be, you have to use the power of triggers to destroy the mind, emotion and body barrier that is preventing you from developing or maintaining the healthy libido you need for greater sex and more memorable interaction with that very special person in your life.

Finally, you can look at a woman and figure out what makes her special. A chick doesn’t have to look extra hot. She doesn’t have to look like a Greek goddess. Instead, pay attention to her attitude. Pay attention to how she talks. These small details go a long way in making her look confident and in charge. And believe me, when it comes to sexy-guys get off on confident women. They are not pushovers. They can hold their own. They can bring it. They know how to charge ahead.  Real mature men who are in touch with their inner sexuality and sexual maturity not only don’t shrink from dominant chicks but they actually welcome such difficult chicks. They believe that the only way to boost their chick pulling talents is to challenge it continously.

A lot is at stake here. A lot is hanging on the line and unfortunately, a lot of people are very cavalier regarding this mind, body and emotion barrier. This is no surprise given this casual attitude that people fall victim to. They are capable of having sex physically but somehow, someway things do not click and they just do not have any interest.